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See the unseen with Hexagon's Smart Advisor

Assistive artificial intelligence is here for public safety
Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Smart Advisor. Unique and innovative, Smart Advisor provides critical insights and fills operational blind spots in complex, unfolding emergencies.

Get to know Smart Advisor

Fully integrated within HxGN OnCall Dispatch and I/CAD 9.4, Smart Advisor uses a set of autonomous, analytical software agents to:


Provide actionable insights during complex emergencies, from large, rapid-onset events to repeat offenses and linked incidents


Detect more patterns and links between events through real-time data analysis


Exploit more computer-aided dispatch (CAD) data to provide a second set of eyes, assuring users critical connections won’t be missed

With Smart Advisor, the user is always in control

When patterns in data are detected, Smart Advisor issues customizable notifications that empower decision-makers to immediately assess, share, and act on important information.

The AI advantage

An assistive AI solution that cuts through the noise of operational data to uncover timely insights

The future of AI in public safety

Solutions that leverage AI and ML, along with historic and real-time data, support continual, autonomous assessment that is more efficient, effective, and scalable than manual monitoring of video, alarms, and common operating pictures alone.

A recent IDC report described AI as “inescapable,” and predicted 90% of new enterprise apps will have embedded AI by 2025.

Source: IDC, Top 10 Global Public Safety Technology Trends, Doc # US44608219, June 2020

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Paving the way for map-based CAD systems since the early 1990s, Hexagon has served as a market leader and trusted partner for nearly 30 years.

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Hexagon is committed to ensuring ethical AI practices in our technologies. Read the statement.

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